A Web3Lille convention
not to be missed!

MetaGellan Program

During this day, on the program, you will meet people, see conferences, participate in workshops, eat and have a drink in an extraordinary place in the Haut-des-France region... The icing on the cake, gifts NFTs will be distributed during the day. Exhibitors, sponsors and partners will also have the chance to listen to the artist Bufalo, an influential French DJ in the metaverse!


Schedule of the day

Hours Location Description
8:00 am-9:00 amEuratech'Exhibitor access - Reception and breakfast
9:00 am-6:00 pmEuratech'Visitor access - Opening of the convention with unlimited coffees
9:00 a.m-7:30 pmFrench TechVIP access - Opening of the VIP room, with coffees and soft drinks
11:45 am-2:00 pmEuratech'VIP Access - Cocktail 15 pieces & drinks
5:00 pm-6:00 pmEuratech'Visitor access - Bufalo DJ set + 4 piece cocktail & drinks
6:00 pm-7:30 pmFrench TechVIP Access - Small snacks & drinks
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The Web3Lille Plenary Conferences start at 9:30 a.m. in the auditorium and end at 5:10 p.m., they will cover the following 6 main themes.

Conductor of plenary conferences

Metaverse: "Find out how virtual worlds will impact society in the next 5 years"

Euratechnologies Auditorium - 9H30-10H15

NFT what future? What uses? NFT & the daily life of consumers

Euratechnologies Auditorium - 10H20-11H05

Data: Take back control of your data with Blockchain

Euratechnologies Auditorium - 11H30-12H15

How to finance yourself in Web3?

Euratechnologies Auditorium - 14H05-15H00

Web3 and Regulation: Fantasies and Controversy

Euratechnologies Auditorium - 15H05-15H50

How to work in gaming & Web3? What training?

Euratechnologies Auditorium - 16H25-17H00

Keynotes & Workshops

Awareness campaigns, training sessions, presentation of Web3 associations and initiatives... Discover the list of workshops organized by a panel of Web3 and Metaverse experts!

Mornings from 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.

Room 1

Baptiste Florentin

Baptiste Florentin
CTO, Nefture

Nefture - Cybersecurity on Web3 transactions

A workshop to learn how to thwart the most common web3 scams.
Create a wallet, create an NFT, have your NFT stolen, all in a secure testnet environment to experiment and understand the risks users face.

9h45-10h20 | Room 1

Yann Orpin

Yann Orpin
Président, MEDEF Lille Métropole

"Why is Web3 an issue for the future of businesses in the Metropolis?"

This round table, moderated by Yann Orpin (President of MEDEF Lille Métropole) will also include Massimo Magnifico (SFEIRA), Laurent Massoptier (UNAIDE), and Nicolas LOONIS (BYZANTINE CLOUD).

10h30-11h20 | Room 1

Kader Mouloudji

Kader Mouloudji
CEO, Metacard

Metacard the intelligent web3 marketing platform

Metacard is a web3 marketing platform that allows brands to use the full potential of NFTs to boost their acquisition, retention and loyalty strategies in a highly innovative, simple and cost-effective way.

11h30-11h50 | Room 1

Paris Blockchain Society

Paris Blockchain Society

The role of associations in the Web3

Kryptosphere, Women in Web3, HEC blockchain... This round table dedicated to the associative world of web3 is led by Raphaël Bich, Core Team member, Paris Blockchain Society. It will be composed of:
- Nandy Bâ, Head of DeFi France at Kryptosphere and Co-Founder & CTO of OmniShape.
- Laury Jacot, Co-Founder & President HEC Paris. MBA Blockchain Club.
- Patrick Bouffartigue, Founder & President of the Paris Blockchain Society.
- Kelly Zhang, Governor at H.E.R DAO France, VP of SheEOs and EMEAR Operations Excellence at Dassault Systèmes.

12h00-12h50 | Room 1

Room 2

Emmanuel MOYRAND

Emmanuel MOYRAND
France Meta Association

Presentation of the France Meta Association

Emmanuel Moyrand, co-author of the book "Métavers, Une vision pratique", presents his association France Meta in this keynote. This association defends the colours of France in the metaverse.

10h30-10h50 | Room 2

Philippe Blot & Laurent Marchesin

Philippe Blot & Laurent Marchesin

Cryptocurrency collection

Presentation that will go up live how to collect a customer

11h25-11h45 | Room 2

Axel Zouebi

Axel Zouebi

Concerts in the Metaverse: Best Practices

Presentation of 10 concerts in the metaverse, key points of success of an immersive concert, through the analysis of successes and failures.

12h-12h25 | Room 2

Adam Aleb

Adam Aleb

Decentralized applications

12h35-13h | Room 2

Afternoon from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Room 1

Nicolas LOONIS

Nicolas LOONIS
Co-fondateur, Byzantine Cloud

I'm entering the Web3. Financing, Valuation, Governance: Tokenomics, the fundamental step of the project

This round table, moderated by Nicolas LOONIS (Byzantine Cloud) will also include David Cassaro and Massimo Magnifico (SFEIRA).

14h30-14h50 | Salle 1


CEO, Metagellan

Understand everything about Web3 and the Metaverse in 20 minutes!

The objective of this Keynote is to help you understand how Web3 and the Metaverse will soon revolutionize the daily lives of businesses and the general public.

15h00-15h20 | Salle 1

Jeremy Giacomini

Jeremy Giacomini
Directeur Marketing et Innovation, SERGIC

Sergic takes its first steps in the Metaverse

Sergic imagines the future of general assemblies thanks to the metaverse. Find out how during this workshop!

15h50-16h10 | Salle 1


CBO chez Summit

3.0 Mining

Back to basics with a presentation on Bitcoin mining and discover its true ecological impact beyond the clichés with Florent GABRIEL and Monsieur TK.

16h30-16h50 | Salle 1

Room 2

Mehdi LABBANI & Benjamin

Mehdi LABBANI & Benjamin

How to Successfully Pitch Deck a Web3 Project

The basics for a successful pitch deck of a WEB3 project.

14h05-14h35 | Salle 2

Eloi Demeerseman

Eloi Demeerseman
Co-fondateur, La Mine - L'incubateur Web3

How to properly value your startup

Evaluate your efforts and reassure your investors.

14h45-15h10 | Salle 2

Bastien Ebalard

Bastien Ebalard

Let's use a privacy-friendly decentralized identity wallet (DID) together.

Demonstration and joint use of a decentralized identity wallet to w3c DID "Decentralized Identity" and VC "Verifiable Credentials" standards. Popularized explanation of Credentials and Open Badges that users can collect in their wallet and demonstration of the dangers of using NFTs or SBTs as part of a digital identity.

15h20-15h50 | Salle 2

Pierre Delzenne

Pierre Delzenne
Banque Delubac & Cie

Delubac and the management of crypto bank accounts

How Delubac supports Web3 companies in their crypto account management.

16h00-16h25 | Salle 2

Alexandre TARTARIN

Alexandre TARTARIN

Public Devices & Web3: How to finance your R&D and innovation projects?

Focus on the good practices of public aid schemes for the financing of R&D and Innovation projects for startups, scale ups, etc. (Aids & Subsidies, CIR-CII, JEI Status)

16h35-17h00 | Salle 2


Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, AR, VR... Come and meet the companies that are building the internet of tomorrow.