Web3Lille Convention
Highlights and recap

To quote Finyear's title: Web3Lille, a successful bet! It's already time to take stock of this first edition of #Web3Lille!

We asked for sunshine, we got it. We had asked for trains on time, it was probably not the right time for that... But the least we can say is that it did not prevent visitors from all horizons to be at the rendezvous!

It is with great pride that the whole team at Metagellan communicates to you these figures:

  • 1200 visitors
  • 6 plenary conferences
  • 17 workshops
  • 70 companies represented
  • 20 media
  • 1 DJ

And more important than the numbers, the visitors left happy about this event with an appointment already made for the 2024 edition! The whole team thanks you from the bottom of its heart for your visit.

Pre-registration 2024

Conferences and Keynote replay

Metaverse: "Find out how virtual worlds will impact society in the next 5 years"

NFT what future? What uses? NFT & the daily life of consumers

Data: Take back control of your data with Blockchain

How to finance yourself in Web3?

Web3 and Regulation: Fantasies and Controversy

How to work in gaming & Web3? What training?

Thank you all for your participation

A huge thank you for our many supporters and official partners, to name the most important ones:

Haven't you had enough?

Meet the WEB3 builders ONCE AGAIN in the metaverse!

Web3Lille Recap
Participate in the remake in the metaverse*.

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No worries, here is a complete tutorial: Decentraland Tutorial.

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